A huddle to help you set your focus to win your day


We all deserve a huddle to set our focus in motion, each and every day.
Months ago, we introduced a group huddle called the Momentum Huddle to support our members to be 1% better every day
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Connect with the group energy on these laser shares knowing that momentum inspires momentum.
Join us today at 12pm ET / 9am PT for our Success Circles week-day momentum 20-minute group huddles.
On this group momentum huddle:
⚡️ We review your accomplishments & set your theme for the day on these daily momentum community calls.
⚡️ If you've generated a quality sale in your business or created a partnership, we'd love to ring the gong to celebrate with you.
⚡️ We will close out with each of us sharing our gratitude to experience being more resourceful and optionally declare a zone action. A zone action is something that will aide you in moving the needle 1% or more.💪🏼
Share your wins so far and declare your gratitude and intention for the next part of your day.
Calls will NOT be recorded. What is shared remains confidential. Keep in mind that these are positively minded calls and it’s the ultimate blend of productivity and relationships.


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