" I was so impressed with the level quality in the accountability partner that was matched with me. The process of matchmaking was so spot on with regards to the person I was introduced to work with as well as the success in accountability I received within a short period of time. My experience was absolutely rewarding in so many ways! "

Susan Hum

The Love Hacker / Mind Mastery & Success Coach

" Such a powerful program! I've done many personal development programs in the past and this is one of the BEST! I highly recommend Momentum Buddy™! "

AJ Mihrzad

The Online Super Coach

Being an entrepreneur isn't always easy.

Even if you wake up fully intending to work on a goal you’ve set, emails pop up. Fires start. Busy work inevitably takes over. When you’ve tried every productivity hack and efficiency method Google has to offer, you start to wonder if anything will work.  


You’re not alone. Most entrepreneurs find it next to impossible to hold themselves accountable. Running a business is hard enough, not to mention the interruptions, distractions and bad habits that keep us from checking off ALL of the boxes on our to-do list.  


You make all plans and read all the books. You’ve set SMART goals. You bought a planner. Maybe you even turned to a spiritual methodology like vision boarding. Maybe you even throw some deadlines on your Google calendar.


But no matter how much you try to achieve your goals, something always gets in the way. And it’s disheartening to feel like you’ve had the same 2-3 goals on your to-do list for the past few years.

Imagine what your life would be like if you actually did all the things you said, you were going to do.

By now, you’d have a six-pack, live in a multi-million dollar mansion, own a private jet and have written a best-selling book, right?


But you’re not. You’re sitting at the same desk in the same makeshift home office you’ve been hustling in for the past three years. You barely have time to shower let alone hit the gym. 


Even though the to-do list reflects meaningful goals that you deep down really want to achieve, they continue to move to the bottom of the list. 


Let’s face it — those goals and dreams are way overdue.

What if you could achieve all your goals (and then some) with just

one phone call a day?

Picture this: you wake up every morning without any alarm clock-induced panic attacks or stress headaches. You take a glance at your calendar and see what you have set out for the day. You feel content and clear-headed because you know this system is purposely to get you 1% closer to your goal. 


No more wasting time trying to prioritize. No more stress-induced headaches over how you’re going to get it all done. No more feeling totally isolated in your entrepreneurship. 


Then you hop on the phone with your Momentum Buddy for your daily boost of motivation.

You don’t need another goal-planning course.  You just need a buddy.

Accountability is the secret shortcut that puts you on the fast track to success. It’s the road less traveled that puts you ahead of all the dream-stopping traffic that we so often get stuck behind.


This information isn’t new. We’ve heard about accountability time and time again. You may have even enlisted the help of a friend or family member and asked them to hold you accountable.


But guess what? Getting grandma to ask you about your business goals once a week isn’t enough to keep you on track.

That's where Peer Coaching comes in.

Peer Coaching is a strategic accountability method that involves matching you up with someone who is exactly 1-2 steps ahead of where you want to be in the area of life you’re seeking a breakthrough. You and your Momentum Buddy will speak every morning to set specific daily goals and hold yourselves accountable for completing them. 


You can imagine all the transformations that can occur when you do this consistently, month after month.

Who is your Momentum Buddy?

Your Momentum Buddy is someone who’s in the same playing field as you. Unlike a manager or boss who’s too far ahead to relate to, your Momentum Buddy™ was in your shoes not long ago. They can empathize with your struggles and headaches while providing invaluable insight on how to break through that next level.


And it’s not just a one-way street! Unlike traditional, one-sided mentorship, Peer Coaching gives you the opportunity to help too! You’ll also hold your Momentum Buddy accountable — making a big difference in their lives while they make a difference in yours.


Your buddy will listen for your Big Why, remind you of your commitments, and inspire you to live at your highest values. You’ll have a clear intention for your day, every day. You’ll build better, healthier and consistent habits by anchoring in and celebrating your victories.


You remain autonomous in your daily choices, but you’ll be 10x more likely to follow through knowing that you have someone who will ask you every day if you did what you said you’re going to do. After those few first calls with your Momentum Buddy™,  you’ll be clear-minded and ready to take action on your goals.

It's not just us. Research shows that Peer Coaching is the ultimate driver of performance.

The Momentum Buddy™ Program is not a course or a workbook. It’s a proven, daily accountability strategy that puts your goal on autopilot. 


Both your daily performance and your level of fulfillment will skyrocket. Pretty soon, you’ll be finding yourself arriving at your goals and dreams faster — guaranteed.


Through the Momentum Buddy™ and Momentum Team™ programs, we have: 


  • Paired over 4,120 successful Momentum Buddies over the past 14+ years.
  • Empowered hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners to cumulatively reach over 4,400 inspiring goals
  • And build well over 3,100 personal healthy and empowering habits. 


Yep, we track this stuff. And we’re just getting started. 

Don't waste another year chasing the same old goals.

" Being a part of Huddle Calls has made a dramatic difference in my life. Suddenly, I am no longer on my own – I have a daily Momentum Buddy™ who supports me to achieve my goals as I do the same for them. I created a habit of waking 4-6 hours earlier than usual creating more time each day to build my business, spend time with friends and family, and practice self-care. "

Heather Cottrell

Coach at Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle

" Excellent Coaching Company with an abundance of resources that helps any entrepreneurs succeeds in their business. Highly recommended. "

Ruth Dorsainville

CEO at DNA Legacy Group

How does it work?

Step #1 You sign up for Momentum Buddy & fill out a brief survey outlining your goals.


Step #2 One of our facilitators will contact you to discuss the program, your goals and your ideal Momentum Buddy. 


Step #3 Our team will go through our current list of members and find you a match. 


Step #4 You’ll be assigned a Momentum Buddy for your first cycle, which lasts two weeks. 


Step #5 After your cycle, your momentum partnership ends and you’re paired up with a new buddy. This way you won’t get too cozy and start slacking — we know how it goes.

More than just a check-in.

This is not a lighting chat, quick watercooler convo. Momentum Buddies is a system designed to keep you on course to achieving your goals. During your 30 minute daily huddles, you will use our proprietary question and answer system to: 


  • Celebrate and anchor in your victories 
  • Acknowledge any challenges that may have come up
  • Recognize the opportunity from those challenges
  • Declare your top outcomes that you want your Momentum Buddy to hold accountable for 
  • Track your goals and outcomes 
  • Recognize your blocks and patterns so you can break-through to real results


While you're speaking, your buddy listens intently and provides powerful feedback and vice versa. You’ll both hang up feeling clear, empowered, and ready to tackle your day.

I spent thousands on coaches, programs, and self-help books that got me nowhere.

In 2004, I was stuck. I had tons of plans for my business and things I wanted to accomplish, but nothing to show for it.


So I did what most entrepreneurs do. I filled my bookshelves with self-books and hired three coaches. All the information and programs were great, but I still wasn’t getting the results I wanted. 


As I made my resolutions for 2005, I saw the same goals on my list. Still unchecked. Still unaccomplished. I knew something had to change. 


One day, I was sharing my frustrations with a colleague on the phone. He told me he was in the same boat. Frustrated with his lack of achievement and tired of feeling stuck year after year.


So we decided to help each other.

Peer coaching is the only thing that worked.

For the next few weeks, we agreed to daily accountability calls and regular check-ins — and the results were nothing short of incredible. 


We found ourselves making HUGE shifts and growing at a more accelerated rate than we ever had before. After months of peer coaching each other, we both reached the majority of the goals we had set during our first call. 


But more importantly, we no longer felt stuck.

" Most cost effective hands on daily coaching I know of. Since joining, I’ve signed on 2 new coaching clients, was introduced to a solid $500 monthly new passive income opportunity, and My rental property is at record levels of income. I’m so grateful I joined and you will be too! "

Damon Dickinson

Success Coach

" Daily accountability has been a challenge for me throughout my career. This system starts my day off with power and structure. I get to speak first thing in the say about my goals, reflect on the day and week prior and have someone to answer to. Not only that I get to contribute to others and hold them accountable and be of service to them! "

David Rush

Communication Coach

Dare to play bigger.

Joining Momentum Buddy requires a monthly investment of $97. With your membership, you’ll get: 


👉 Two hand-selected Momentum Buddies;

👉 Access to our growing online community of supportive entrepreneurs;

👉 Access to our other online courses and programs;

👉 And more! 


Maybe you’ve heard of the phrase, “You’re the sum of the company you keep.” So imagine how different your life might be if you kept the kind of company who continually motivates you to be better than you were yesterday. 


Sign up for Momentum Buddy today and see how much your life can change.

For Coaches and Mentors

For coaches, The Momentum Buddy "Huddle" Call program is the perfect add-on to your services.


Consistent focus and daily accountability are the missing ingredients that most coaching clients complain about. Many members of the community are coaches themselves and have come to value daily focus and peer coaching as an essential part of their own day.

Your Buddy can see your potential — and in two weeks, you will too.

" Having an accountable partner as well as group calls to check in with frequently, sharing wins and challenges, and gathering valuable feedback is invaluable. I wouldn’t be half as motivated without it. I find [the accountability] pushes me to go beyond my comfort zone and achieve even more. I’m thankful for this group and have seen a tremendous ROI on this investment. I highly recommend it! "

Vanessa Culver

Senior Manager, Payments at Zillow

"I highly recommend working with Momentum Buddy™ Program. Here are some of the results I experienced in my time with them: - I've stepped up my game in my physical health. I've been consistently practicing yoga and am already seeing a decrease in back pain. - I launched a new single and music video. I reached 1600 streams on Spotify in one week and 1500 views on YouTube in one week. That's the most success I've had to date with music. It's going to grow the more I learn and the more I release music. "

Stephanie Chin


Being a member of Momentum Buddy™, has been one of my best investments in myself. The daily calls help to keep me on track to achieving my personal and professional outcomes. Joseph and his team are amazing and do a fantastic job. "

Garth Sandiford

Real Estate Agent

" Momentum Buddy™, is definitely a worthwhile investment. The system has made me more accountable and productive. I lost 10 lbs and achieved my real estate purchase thru consistent daily action. I highly recommend it. "

Steve Zhou

Deputy CFO at Post Acute Care

" I love my accountability calls! This community is full of amazing people who are up to building their businesses and changing the world. The phone call structure is a great way to get laser focused for the day and I've found that they're tripled my effectiveness and productivity! I highly recommend Momentum Buddy™, and this community!!!! "

Elaine WIlliams

Video & Visibility Coach, Speaker, Author

" The morning calls are a consistent, steadying factor in a whirl of change. Everyone that I have been partnered with has contributed to my business knowledge and growth. As a soloprenuer I highly recommend Momentum Buddy™,. The team are amazing! "

Tanya Straker

Certified Health Coach

" I've been with Momentum Buddy™, for 2 years now and I am also a member of different masterminds and this group, by far, has the best structure for Accountability and connections with others looking to level up. The Momentum Buddies are crucial and I recommend everyone have an accountability group that they support, and in turn, supports them. If you are looking to hold yourself accountable and realize your vision for yourself, this is a group to join. "

Erick Rivas 


Ken Van Liew

CEO at Global Real Estate Strategies



Are you ready to join the huddle?