• Higher accountability.

  • Strong value-based professional support.

  • Improved overall productivity, effectiveness, and delegation skills.

  • More fun, deeper levels of fulfillment, and a higher quality of living.

" I was so impressed with the level quality in the accountability partner that was matched with me. The process of matchmaking was so spot on with regards to the person I was introduced to work with as well as the success in accountability I received within a short period of time. My experience was absolutely rewarding in so many ways! "

Susan Hum

The Love Hacker / Mind Mastery & Success Coach

" Such a powerful program! I've done many personal development programs in the past and this is one of the BEST! I highly recommend Momentum Buddy™! "

AJ Mihrzad

The Online Super Coach

Heather Cottrell

Coach at Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle

" Excellent Coaching Company with an abundance of resources that helps any entrepreneurs succeeds in their business. Highly recommended. "

Ruth Dorsainville

CEO at DNA Legacy Group

How does it work?

More than just a check-in.

I spent thousands on coaches, programs, and self-help books that got me nowhere.

Peer coaching is the only thing that worked.

For the next few weeks, we agreed to daily accountability calls and regular check-ins — and the results were nothing short of incredible. 


We found ourselves making HUGE shifts and growing at a more accelerated rate than we ever had before. After months of peer coaching each other, we both reached the majority of the goals we had set during our first call. 


But more importantly, we no longer felt stuck.

" Most cost effective hands on daily coaching I know of. Since joining, I’ve signed on 2 new coaching clients, was introduced to a solid $500 monthly new passive income opportunity, and My rental property is at record levels of income. I’m so grateful I joined and you will be too! "

Damon Dickinson

Success Coach

" Daily accountability has been a challenge for me throughout my career. This system starts my day off with power and structure. I get to speak first thing in the say about my goals, reflect on the day and week prior and have someone to answer to. Not only that I get to contribute to others and hold them accountable and be of service to them! "

David Rush

Communication Coach

Dare to play bigger.

For Coaches and Mentors

"I highly recommend working with Momentum Buddy™ Program. Here are some of the results I experienced in my time with them: - I've stepped up my game in my physical health. I've been consistently practicing yoga and am already seeing a decrease in back pain. - I launched a new single and music video. I reached 1600 streams on Spotify in one week and 1500 views on YouTube in one week. That's the most success I've had to date with music. It's going to grow the more I learn and the more I release music. "

Stephanie Chin


Being a member of Momentum Buddy™, has been one of my best investments in myself. The daily calls help to keep me on track to achieving my personal and professional outcomes. Joseph and his team are amazing and do a fantastic job. "

Garth Sandiford

Real Estate Agent

" Momentum Buddy™, is definitely a worthwhile investment. The system has made me more accountable and productive. I lost 10 lbs and achieved my real estate purchase thru consistent daily action. I highly recommend it. "

Steve Zhou

Deputy CFO at Post Acute Care

" I love my accountability calls! This community is full of amazing people who are up to building their businesses and changing the world. The phone call structure is a great way to get laser focused for the day and I've found that they're tripled my effectiveness and productivity! I highly recommend Momentum Buddy™, and this community!!!! "

Elaine WIlliams

Video & Visibility Coach, Speaker, Author

" The morning calls are a consistent, steadying factor in a whirl of change. Everyone that I have been partnered with has contributed to my business knowledge and growth. As a soloprenuer I highly recommend Momentum Buddy™,. The team are amazing! "

Tanya Straker

Certified Health Coach

" I've been with Momentum Buddy™, for 2 years now and I am also a member of different masterminds and this group, by far, has the best structure for Accountability and connections with others looking to level up. The Momentum Buddies are crucial and I recommend everyone have an accountability group that they support, and in turn, supports them. If you are looking to hold yourself accountable and realize your vision for yourself, this is a group to join. "

Erick Rivas 


Ken Van Liew

CEO at Global Real Estate Strategies


Are you ready to join the huddle?